The MCI JH-110 Series of Tape Recorders was originally conceived and designed in 1976.

Based on a downsized version of the JH-100 Tape Transport, a new Audio Electronics design with FET switching, and with introduction of the RTZ (Return To Zero) Locator, the JH-110 was designed with heavy emphasis on editing capabilities. 110's were available in mono, multiple 2 track standards (1/4 track, 1/2 track. NAB & DIN), 4 track, and 8 track configurations. Available for use with either 10 1/2" or 14" Reels, there were specialty versions for Mastering and European Broadcast use as well.

During the late 1970's through the late 1990's the JH-110 was a workhorse at many recording and broadcast studios throughout the world.

With the advent of small format digital recorders and editing software, few JH-110's remain in service today.


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JH-110 Preliminary Brochure (1974)