The MCI JH-24 Series of Multitrack Tape Recorders encompasses a number of products, culminating in the JH-24 designation. The different models and revisions are commonly confused.

The original JH-16 Series was a 8 or 16 track recorder based on the JH-10 Tape Transport with relay logic and AC motors, and an AutoLocator - a revolutionary product at the time - was optionally available. With introduction of the JH-100 Tape Transport in 1973 including TTL logic, DC motors, phase lock loop controlled tensioning, ceramic shaft capstan motor, and improved AutoLocator III, the JH-16 designation was originally retained. As 24 track recording evolved, and a new audio electronics package and cabinet were developed, the JH-24 designation was born.

The last time that a major recording magazine did a survey of worldwide audio multitrack tape recorder usage, the MCI JH-24 was still the most widely used such product in the world, just as it had been for many years. But that survey was taken over 10 years after the last unit was manufactured!

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JH-16 Series Brochure - With JH-10 Tape Transport