The MCI JH-400 Series of Recording Consoles encompasses an evolution of a number of products.

The original concept was licensed in the late 1960's from Dave Harrison - later the founder of Harrison Consoles - and was built as the JH-416, a 16 Track Recording Console. The JH-416 introduced the "In Line Monitoring" configuration that became the standard for many future console designs from both MCI and other manufacturers.

In 1974 the product was redesigned as the JH-428, a 24 Track Recording Console. Both A & B models ensued, and mainframes were available with up to 40 input channels. Both VU & Light Meter versions were produced.

The JH-400 Series was used to produce an astonishing number of hits throughout the 1970's.

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JH-416 Series Logic Diagram

JH-416 Series Brochure, Specifications & Block Diagram

JH-416 VU Photo

JH-416 Photo With Lightmeters Option

JH-428 At Austin Music Studios

JH-428 Polysound

Two Custom Consoles Were Built For Sigma Sound In New York. Using JH-400 Series Frames, The Input Modules Were Custom Designed By Both Sigma & MCI Engineers, Included A Quad Eight Equalizer Design, And Utilized Allison Research "Ribbon" Faders & Automation. The Master Section Was Stock JH-400.

MCI 2001 OpAmp Specifications - Privately Labeled Version Of The Harris 911