The MCI JH-500 Series was originally conceived and designed in 1975, and quickly became the preferred recording console for many of the top studios throughout the world.

The first two units were installed in 1976 at Atlantic Records in New York and Criteria Studio B in Miami. Throughout the product cycle there were A, B, C, & D versions, and 28, 32, 36, 38, 42, & 56 channel mainframe configurations. Metering was available as either VU or Light Meters.

The 500 Series was the first MCI product to be offered with a wide array of customization options, and the JH-556 was the first recording console ever designed specifically for dual 24 track recording.


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JH-500 Initial Engineering Specifications

JH-500 Brochure - Early Models

JH-500A Input / Output Module Schematic

JH-500C Input / Output Module Schematic

JH-500D Brochure

JH-500D Specifications

JH-538D With Producers Desk Option (Left Side) At Charley Pride's CECCA Sound Studios, Dallas, TX

JH-542, JH-24’s, & JH-110’s at The Mill, Cookham, Berkshire, UK. Originally built by Gus Dudgeon, and arguably the most lavish studio in the world at that time, all MCI equipment was custom built in special colors and cabinetry. The studio was later owned for a time by Jimmy Paige.

The Mill console is now installed at The Atrium, part of the School of Creative and Cultural Industries, at the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff.

JH-500 instaled at Château d'Hérouville in France circa 1978

There are many JH-500's still in use today, and there is an active market in refurbishing units & providing spare parts.

JH-536D Restoration In Miami

JH-536 Restoration In Miami - Mixed C & D Modules

JH-500 Restoration In Zagreb - Empty Mainframe

JH-500 Restoration In Zagreb - Meter Bridge Detached

JH-500 Restoration In Zagreb - Making One Meter Bridge Out Of Two

JH-500 Restoration In Zagreb - I/O Modules - Before & After

JH-500 Restoration In Zagreb - I/O Module Top panels- Before & After

JH-500 Restoration In Zagreb - Rear View